With more than 30 years of industry experience Office Harmony founder, Lyn Rosen, is passionate about helping young, growing businesses achieve financial success. Dealing with finances is something Lyn sees small businesses struggle with every day, which is why she began offering her comprehensive range of professional financial management services.

With a particular interest in helping small and developing businesses achieve financial growth, Lyn can help take the stress out of the financial paperwork that leaves you feeling confused overwhelmed.

As well as bringing financial harmony to your workplace, Lyn is dedicated to helping businesses help themselves. With professional training, Lyn can equip business owners and their staff to manage their finances successfully.

Whether you require assistance establishing efficient accounting systems, putting tax obligations in place or setting up payroll, Office Harmony can cater for all your needs.

With a range of experience across numerous industries, including property, building and construction, law, retail and trades, Lyn is able to tailor her services to suit any and all businesses in Sydney’s inner West.

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